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Make new contacts, share industry knowledge and insights
Business networking in a modern way – save time and money
Virtual presentations and dynamic matchmaking sessions
Industry-specific and cross-industry networking events


Networking Globally is dedicated to optimizing the essential aspects of industry-specific keynote presentations, follow-up discussions and networking. The ability to forge new connections through effective networking and exchanging of knowledge is paramount to achieving success in the business world.

Networking Globally provides a comprehensive solution that emphasizes networking opportunities alongside concise keynote presentations delivered by industry experts. This unique approach allows participants to engage in face-to-face meetings and matchmaking sessions, offering a cost-effective, time-efficient and immersive experience.


Unlike traditional industry conferences, where networking is often overshadowed by a wide range of presentations, Networking Globally places exclusive focus on a single industry-specific topic and the vital aspect of establishing contacts. Recognizing that the majority of attendees participate in conferences to make new connections, we address the challenge of effective communication with potential business partners by eliminating the distractions of a traditional conference setting.

With a singular focus on expert speakers and interacting activities, Networking Globally creates an ideal environment to foster business partnerships, exchange valuable insights, share knowledge and effectively achieve business goals.

About the event

How it works

Plan your time efficiently, make valuable contacts effectively.
It's online, simple, and quick.


  • Go to the Networking events section and find an event which you are interested in and buy your tickets.

  • Several days before an event, you will get access to it, including the event link to the online platform and networking instructions.

  • Our online meetings are based on concise topic-based presentations delivered by industry professionals and networking which allows everyone the maximum ability to represent their companies and themselves to as many participants as possible.

  • Following a brief presentation round, you will have dedicated sessions for conversations, discussions, and exchanging contact information.

  • The duration of the event may vary based on the number of participants but typically lasts several hours.

  • After the event, you can individually follow up with contacts and continue growing your business!

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