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Make new contacts fast and efficiently
Business networking in a modern way – save time and money
Virtual speed networking sessions
Industry-specific and cross-industry networking events


Networking is one of the key means of making new contacts and doing business successfully. Networking itself does not bring results, it has to be effective to gain the desired effect.

Face-to-face meetings and speed networking sessions are cost-efficient and time-saving methods to find new business partners. Usually, networking sessions are a small part of industry conferences. However, the majority of participants attend conferences only to make new contacts, thus networking becomes the most important aspect of any schedule. During large industry events it is difficult to properly communicate with potential partners. Therefore, we have come up with a solution.

We offer networking-only events online.
No conferences. Just networking and nothing else!

About the event

How it works

Plan your time efficiently, make valuable contacts effectively.
It's online, simple, and quick.


  • Go to the Networking events section and find an event which you are interested in and buy your tickets.

  • Several days before an event, you will get access to it, including the event link to the online platform and networking instructions. Then you can sign in and create a profile which describes you and/or your company.

  • On the event day, you will log in to the online platform and the networking will begin.

  • Our online meetings are based only on speed networking which allows everyone the maximum ability to represent their companies and/or themselves to as many participants as possible.

  • Our guests will be assigned to virtual tables of 4–5 persons and be given a minute each to present their companies and/or themselves.

  • After a short presentation round, you will have additional sessions at each table for conversations and exchange of contacts. Then guests will be moved to other tables with new peers and the process will be repeated.

  • Depending on the number of participants, the event might last several hours. After the event, you can follow-up individually and grow your business!

  • Watch the video to see how it works.

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